What is Dental SEO?

Dental SEO, also known as SEO for Dentists, refers to improving your dental practice's website to rank higher in search engine results and to secure more online appointments for your clinic. Dental SEO is similar to regular SEO. It optimises both on-site and off-site elements search engines use to understand context and authority.

What is the process for dental SEO services?

We can adapt the process of dental SEO services to any type of professional service business we work with. Every campaign starts with a competitor analysis. That allows us to see what other dentists in the area are doing to get the best SEO results. We can use third-party tools to gain insight into the technical, on-site and off-site factors that improve their organic search ranking.

Once we clearly understand your starting point (website performance, domain metrics, etc. We can begin to work together to identify your competitors and what you need to do to differentiate between where you are and where you want.

SEO is a contest - you will compete with the most successful clinics in your local area to get the highest ranking positions on Google and the best visibility. The rule of thumb is that the more significant the number of clinics in your area, the higher the SEO competition.

Why do some agencies specialise in dental SEO services?

There are several reasons why some marketing firms claim to specialise in dental SEO services rather than other industries.

  • It means they cannot compete with larger digital agencies with more excellent capabilities to deliver client results.
  • That creates a false sense of security for dental clinics regarding the quality of their service and expertise. When you hear the term "specialist", you assume that the person is more knowledgeable and skilled in their industry. While this may be true for some industries, it is different regarding SEO.
  • Dental clinics have higher budgets than other industries, meaning "dental SEO specialists" can charge a higher price than they might be able to charge in different industries.
  • They may use a cookie-cutter approach to repurpose SEO strategies they already apply to your competition.

Denteel Dental Marketing knows that ranking a dentist clinic on Google is more challenging than ranking a financial service provider or law firm. You won't have to share intellectual property with competitors, and you can be confident that they don't have any insight into your SEO strategy.

Is SEO necessary for my dental clinic?

SEO improves organic visibility and significantly increases leads from online searches. About 71% of all Google will go to the top organic listings by 2022. Dental search engine optimisation is an excellent way for dental practices to increase their number of patients and improve their bookings.

What strategy is used for dental SEO?

The same SEO principles guide each campaign we do with professional service companies. The same principles apply to dental marketing as to local digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Monitor and fix technical SEO issues that could impact rankings
  2. High-quality content should reflect the services offered
  3. Create high-quality and relevant backlinks
  4. Provide valuable content to build trust and authority

It is essential to understand your local market before you can increase search engine rankings.

How long does dental search engine optimisation take?

You may see results in three to six months. The time it takes to see results for your dental practice will vary depending on factors such as the site's history, the domain's age, and any previous search engine optimisation work. An SEO company can give you an accurate timing assessment by assessing the website's metrics and current market position.

What is the cost of dental SEO?

The cost of SEO services for dentists can range from $2,500 per month to more than $10,000 per month, depending on where they are located, how many clinics there are, their goals and current website health. These are the factors that will determine the cost of SEO services:

  1. Your clinic's location for Dentists in large metropolitan areas like Sydney will have more competition. It means that they need to be more SEO-savvy to stand out. Multiple clinic dentists will pay a premium.
  2. Services offered Most dentists offer five to twenty different services, including general check-ups and crowns, professional teeth whitening, orthodontics, and more. Each service will need a landing page, other content and a unique backlink strategy. The more services you rank for, the higher the price you will pay.
  3. Previous SEO work Your website's health and past SEO work will influence the amount of work needed to achieve your goals. It is easier to work with a website already ranked on page 1 or 2 rather than a newly created website or one that ranks poorly.

A quote that includes all the above factors should be obtained to determine the cost of SEO for dentists. Before quoting for work, we recommend finding an SEO company that considers your market position. A custom quote shows that you have taken the time to understand your business and current situation.

Are there more bookings?

Yes. Yes. Being at the top of search results for relevant dental terms is a sure way to increase your enquiries and book bookings. Your unique value proposition (USP), pricing strategy and business reputation will all play a role in the number of bookings you secure for your dental practice.

A dental clinic with a wide range of services and competitive pricing will consistently outperform one without these reviews.

Are the Dental Industry Competitive?

Yes, dentists were among the first professionals to realise (and harness) search engine optimisation. The industry is now well-developed and has many companies working with dental SEO firms for years.

Your clinic's location will play a significant role in determining your competition. For competitive search queries, clinics in major metropolitan areas will face stiff competition